Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I'm a Hoarder... There, I said it.

So I never really thought about it that much, I've always just heard it as being called a pack rat. My mom is a pack rat (probably explains where I got it from lol )
But I've been watching those hoarding shows lately and I have come to the realization that I am on my way to being one of them.
Lets see, I have items from over the years that are completely useless but I can never bring myself to get rid of them. And just the though of DBF or anyone else cleaning house while I am not there throws me into a HUGE anxiety attack. He's not allowed to throw out anything unless I am there to see it, or if it's his.
OMG what have I become. Not to mention the fact that this house is not NEARLY big enough for all this crap.
Well I guess it's time to nip this addiction in the but before I find myself on A&E dumpster diving b/c someone threw out a napkin I once used on a trip to Niagra or something like that.
So here I sit, going through the giant box that has been sitting here waiting for me to sort for that past 2 months full of well...... crap.. and paper.
Maybe I'll tackle the laundry room next (tee hee my little box storage area) .

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

In a bit of a funk...

Well,  I def didn't see it coming but I am officially in the post Christmas crochet funk. I haven't worked on a project in about a week now and I don't think I'm gonna be picking anything up for probably a couple more days..
I guess tho it's nice to take a bit of a break. meh.
On the other hand I have started a new tattoo for a friend. I don't know why but I just seem to like designing them for people. And hey at least I found something else to keep me busy in my free time.
Ugh. well as much as I would like this to be longer today I must keep it short. Just got home from work and well, 8 am comes fast.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

YAY!! I Knitted

WOO HOO!! Ok so just a quicky today but I'm just so darn proud of myself.
Over the holidays I borrowed some knitting needles from my mom telling myself I was finally going to get it. It only took a month for me to actually try. Well 1 hour later and A LOT of concentrating I ended up with this:

Next I shall try a sweater........ bahahaha yeah right. Not that brave lol.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

I Need To Vent... I'm Sorry

Ok, so there goes another week of work over with.. Thank God! I swear these weeks are starting to drag on longer and longer as the weather gets worse. What I don’t understand is why people seem to see the sense in leaving the house and driving in a foot of snow to go and get dinner. That’s right, I’m in the food industry. But hey at least I’m a manager. Don’t get me wrong a job is a job but I think the only reason I am bitter about it is because I am also a trained Medical Office Assistant/Transcriptionist ….Diploma and everything… the only problem is no one will hire me. See I did my training with one of those fancy at home school programs while I was on MAT leave with my son but it didn’t offer the field training that everyone seems to want you to have. YAY me.
So anyways. The trials and tribulations of my work.
Disclaimer – This is nothing personal, please don’t think I cam attacking anyone, I just need to rant a little and apparently they don’t like that when you do it at work.
   All I would like to say about the food industry is I would really appreciate it if people (customers) took a little more consideration for the person behind the counter when they are ordering. I don’t know why but for some reason people seem to think that because you are making their food they are better then you. Well I need to straighten this up right now.
If you have had a bad experience in a fast food joint/ restaurant there is probably a reason and it was probably you. How we get treated really does affect how you are treated. For instance I had an employee called incompetent by a customer all because she didn’t here that they wanted the sandwich toasted. Really??? I hope that person felt better about themselves after since the employee felt horrible and was upset about it for the rest of the night and for a couple of days.
Now, with all do respect I would like to include something I like to call…
1. Please speak up, it is very loud behind the counter and the glass blocks a lot of sound. And I’m pretty sure no one is going to care or make fun of you for something you ordered.
2. Try and know what you would like before ordering. Or at least an idea. If you haven’t a clue ask the person behind the counter they may be able to suggest something.
3. If you find yourself waiting in line for a while can you please spend the time figuring out what you want. There is nothing more annoying then not only having a 5 mile line-up to deal with but having someone who has spent the last 5 min waiting and they don’t look at the menu once until it is their turn.
4. Be patient, we can only move so fast. Once you get a turn to order just think to yourself “well I’ve waited this long. No sense in bitching” and then take a look at the line and realize, wow it’s actually getting bigger.
5. If there is a drive-thru (and mine has one, unfortunately) please don’t get angry when the drive-thru gets answered. It sucks I know but we have to serve everyone.
6. Last but not least… Shit happens. We will run out of stuff even if that’s what you wanted at that time. There isn’t magical elves in the back constantly making stuff, it all comes from a warehouse and sometimes orders are inaccurate and we run out. As for the bread, it takes a ling time to cook and we can never guess what will be the more popular type that day. So please please please don’t get angry when your favourite flavour has run out. It’s not our fault.

Phew, so anyways, sorry about that but I feel better now.
   As for my projects this week. Like I said the weeks are getting longer and longer and I’m finding it harder to complete things lately. But at least I did finish my shawl I’ve been working on for myself. That’s right I finally made something for myself that wasn’t slippers haha. The only thing is now both my son and daughter want one too lol.
   I’m so excited too, I finally found a pattern for all the NHL logos and I’ve been working on them in Tunisian. Well I’ve only really been working on one right now, but I will eventually get them all done.. I’ll post a pic once I’ve finished. I think what I will do is make an afghan as kind of a practice and each square will be on of the logos. Hmmm. I think I have some graphing to do. ☺

Well that’s all for tonight I think. And again, I’m sorry if I offended anyone but those little things have been really bothering me lately and I had to voice them.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Phew... This looks a little nicer

Oh wow, I think I'm starting to get the hand of this whole blog thing. I finally figured out how to make it a little more personal in the design. hehe Did you notice the snazzy new About Me and Links bars at the top. Yeah that was all me. And I love my new background. It's actually kind of inspiring every time I log on I also want to pick up my hook. lol

Not a whole lot going on today, although I may just finish that shawl I've been working on for myself.
Other then that leaving you with a few funny pics I came across on Facebook:

Thursday, January 19, 2012


   It is soooo good to be back on a regular computer... well a laptop at least. I desktop kicked it a little while ago and since we both have smart phones we didn't really worry about it too much and used them for all the other internet stuff we were doing. Unfortunately, as I found out the hard way, blogging is just not as easy that way. :(

   On the bright side I have had much more time for "hooking",. *tee hee* I love phrasing it that way lol
I've been learning plenty more techniques and refining some old ones. I think I finally have a pretty good handle on tunisian. Not to mention colour changes. And I owe that all to a fabulous crocheter out there by the name of Geraldine, I'm sure most of you out there have already heard of her (and her absolutely spectacular Mario Obsession Blanket... wow ), on her blog she has included a very helpful tutorial on how to correctly do a colour change in tunisian. Phew! Now I know it really was just me goofing it up and that's not what it's supposed to look like.

   As for new techniques....... dum dum dummmmm ... I have ventured into the world of Irish Crochet. And dear god is it going slow. lol It's just so beautiful I can't seem to put it down. Hopefully I can have some finished work good enough to post soon.

Oh well, four projects on the go, better finish at least one of them soon.  But here are some things I finished over the holidays:

                                     The "eyeball pillow" I made for my dad. hehe love the stress lines

                                          Playing around with some motifs
                             My super comfy slippers
                           my first homemade wreath oh god sparkles EVERYWHERE!!!

                        What to do when you can't find a hair clip??? TA - DAAAA steel hooks to the rescue (also keep in mind my hair comes to just above my bum... strong hooks lasted almost 6 hrs)
So my mom knitted some sweaters for the girls for Christmas........ I love that she always buys WAY TOO MUCH. But she did make $20 off of me.  

tata for now and happy hooking

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Been a while

ok. So I admit this whole blog thing takes some getting used to. lol
I finished my Maternity leave and ended up getting so caught up with going back to work that for the first part I didn't really get to do too much of anything. But now since the Christmas season has started the hooks have come back out. YAY!!
So many projects on the go right now I'm finding myself doing one for a bit then picking up the next.
Well with that said I should probably go continue with them so I can get them done for presents. Hopefully some updates before they are wrapped with pics.

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