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  My name is Kristine and I live in Ontario Canada. Although I can't knit to save my life (yet... still working on that one) I LOVE crochet. It is almost a stress relief really.

In The Beginning: A Tribute To Gramma

   I began about 17 yrs ago when I was only 10 ... that's right you do that math, when I saw my Gramma working on a little doily. Since she lived with us I would just sit there watching - even if she wasn't, she was just that fast - and I was determined I was going to figure it out. Now I'm not going to lie she wasn't really a very good teacher, and I can't blame her since I was apparently the first person show any interest in it to her, so I did kind of have to teach myself. At least I knew tho that when I did come into some problems she was there to help out.  And that's how it all began. I think it was easier for me tho because I started learning with the tougher medium, I know that's sounds kind of confusing. See she was the kind of lady that lived by the "traditional crochet" ie doilies, hankies, anything lace - hmm and now that I think of it, it was always in Ecru too lol. Anyways. It was a couple of years before I realized that you could use yarn to do this stuff.. and OMG was it soooo much easier. I wasn't going cross-eyed trying to see my work anymore - YAY!  From that point on it was all yarn.... But then as the years past and she unfortunately was moved to assisted living I thought to myself "why not make her a doily for her side table" and I did, although realizing at that point I should probably work a little harder on my thread work since it wasn't all that flat - and it wasn't supposed to be a ruffled one. That was the last Birthday gift I gave her, and at her funeral it was only fitting that instead of a nice (expensive) tablecloth for her urn to sit on, she was rested nicely on that pink, bubbly old doily.
My Gramma holding my son at 3 days old

The Later Years

   Now, with my techniques refined a little, my Christmases and Birthdays have become homemade in my life. Luckily for me my kids are still young enough to appreciate it when Mommy makes them something. So trust me I'm going to get them in while I can. I think that is probably why my favourite projects are baby items, they aren't as critical.
   I have recently delved into the world of Tunisian (that was certainly one Gramma didn't tell me about) and I absolutely love it - for the right projects. It is just so much crisper and perfect for colour changing items.
   My next task will be for Irish Crochet, although slightly intimidating, it is just so beautiful. My goal is to eventually make my own Wedding dress in Irish Crochet, yeah I know good thing I'm not engaged yet right.

Off The Hook

   I'm a Mom of 2 wonderful - and at times very tiresome - kids, and I was lucky enough to get one of each.  My son is 6 going on 16, and I am proud to say he is the only child in his class to have lost both his 2 front teeth already.... tee hee he really hated that song at Christmas. Yes that's right, very accident prone.
The day he lost his teeth Patio Table - 2 Mouth - 0

   My daughter, 3, is a true princess in her own right - and don't try and argue with her cus you wont win :). We have a strict rule in our house (implemented by Daddy) that I am no longer aloud to watch Toddler in Tiaras with her because then she wont stop talking about how much she wants the "big big tiara and pretty dress".  Honestly if I wasn't so back and forth on the idea of pageants she would probably be in them... she would so win.

   My little princess......... told you so.

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